Peer review

Thank you for your sharing! I have a clearer concept of crowdfunding after reading you essay. At the beginning of your essay, you simply bring out the relationship among the publishing,  the author and the reader. In the following paragraph, presenting the meaning of the crowdfunding, and you also mention a successful case – the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – to prove the crowdfunding is feasible in the future marketing. However, I think it needs to talk more about how does the current publishing work and why the crowdfunding is emerging. This explanation would help the reader realize the different operation between the tradition publishing and crowdfunding.

In the second paragraph, you emphasize the digital network, such as social media, facilitates the development of crowdfunding. As what you say, social media indeed gives more chances to the writer appeal amount of the reader to support them. It increases the interaction between the writer and the reader; meanwhile the opinion of the reader becomes more important because each comment or rating for the piece, it will directly influence the writer’s reputation on the Internet. Comparing to the traditional publishing, many good pieces are ignored if the writer is not famous or popular. Therefore, I agreed what you said, “No longer are readers simply passive consumers of cultural products that were developed from the top-down.” The reader’s voice is powerful to choose what they want to read and which writers they want to support (or crowdfunding). Goodnight Stories for the Rebel Girls was a great success. The content is special and has struck a responsive chord in the hearts of its readers, and crowdfunding provides an opportunity to some unknown writer or special topic. I think you have a deeper thought of considering how does the crowdfunding expand the publishing filed (contents). Exactly, Goodnight Stories for the Rebel Girls is not a mainstream story topic for the big publishing company as most of the publishing place the “profit” on the first rather than to consider what is the story talking about. In this situation, the emerging of crowdfunding is good to accept different topics, such as women, race, sub-culture, go into the public. The point you come out for blending the culture diversity and promoting the democratization through the crowdfunding. It breaks the routine for the traditional publishing industry that has brought more new sights and vitality in the society. No longer is a single standard to rule the content or limit the writers’ publishing.

In the last paragraph, you mention that “old” and “new” media can coexist. Comparing to the crowdfunding, I think traditional publishing is still dominant in the market and the crowdfunding has many advantages are worth learning for the old publishing. Generally, I enjoy reading your essay as you have a clear organization (such as the sub-title) to analyze the thing. You have a deep understanding of your topic about the crowdfunding and especially you can discus from the social media, new vs. old publishing and culture, etc. I do think you did a good job of your essay.




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